50 Descriptive Essay Topics and Writing Tips

Regardless of being one of the easiest types of essays, a descriptive essay raises lots of troubles among students. That essay is more personal, and you do not have to conduct lots of research to write it. Despite that, it requires lots of creativity, no matter what topic you choose.

The choice of a descriptive essay topic is also a complicated task. But you shouldn’t be afraid of it while even if you choose something general and not interesting at first sight, you can make it really exciting to your reader. Hard work and creativity will make your essay special even if the topic seems to be boring. 

The biggest problem you might face is the decision of what to write about. It is a challenge to think about the content to deliver. To get a better understanding of the topic, check what a descriptive essay is, and how to write it.

Descriptive essay definition

A descriptive essay is a writing assignment aimed at describing a situation, person, or any other thing you would like to tell people. When working on this type of essay, you should rely only on your thoughts and experience. The good news is that you do not need to conduct any researches or investigate other opinions. 

However, you should show your understanding of the topic well. It seems there is nothing complicated in describing things. But you should be able to create a picture in the mind of the reader, so this makes everything a bit more complicated.

Do not confuse description and a descriptive essay. A description can be as long as a couple of sentences, while a descriptive essay will contain five paragraphs, most likely. 

How to write a descriptive essay

Writing a descriptive essay won’t be a problem if you know how to do it and what its structure should be. After choosing a good topic, you should work on the outline of your descriptive essay. It will consist of five paragraphs or three parts.

Descriptive essay introduction

The introduction is the first part, and here, you should place your thesis statement. This part is aimed to grab the attention of your reader, so it should contain a certain hook. The reader should understand the topic better, so you should write your introduction smoothly and simply.

Provide some background on the topic to make your reader aware of it. After the background, your reader should smoothly go to the thesis statement. Do not make your thesis statement too lengthy. A perfect thesis is as long as one sentence.

Main body

Usually, the main body consists of three paragraphs. In this part, you should provide evidence to support your thesis. Do not exaggerate here. Even though you should back it up with your own experience and thoughts, make sure all the examples to be true. 


Of course, any essay should have a good and strong conclusion, and a descriptive essay is not an exception. Here you should summarize everything mentioned above and restate your thesis statement. But do not use the same words, paraphrase it. 

Make sure not to add any new information to think about in your conclusion. This will only confuse your reader. If you do not know what you can describe in your essay, you can write about:

  • People;
  • Different places;
  • Animals;
  • Behavior;
  • Situations;
  • Trips, etc. 

Descriptive essay writing tips

Before you even start writing your descriptive essay, you should choose a good topic and think about what you are going to write about. You can even read the essays of other people to get inspired by them. 

Here are some stages you should stick to when working on your descriptive essay:

  • Think of the thesis statement first and the keywords describing it;
  • Create an outline. We do not recommend neglecting this step while it will help you a lot. Think of three evidence that would prove your thesis statement;
  • Add as many details as possible. It will be much easier to depict your subject if you add more details. This way, your reader will have a clearer picture in his or her mind;
  • Proofread and edit your descriptive essay. Do not skip this step while it is crucial. We recommend we put your essay aside for some time and get back to it with a fresh mind. You can also ask someone to read it and give their opinion.

Descriptive essay topics

As you know, you can describe anything in your essay, so the choice of topics is more than rich. But if it’s difficult for you to come up with some ideas of your own, you can check some of the topics below and get inspired by them or use one of them as your own.

Descriptive essay topics about your favorite activities and preferences

  • My dream job.
  • The movie that changed my life.
  • The movie character I would love to resemble.
  • My favorite book.
  • My best friend.
  • My trip to Jamaica (any country).
  • The house of my dreams.
  • The concert I have attended.
  • My favorite music band.
  • My first trip by plane.

Descriptive essay topics about places

  • My favorite place in my city.
  • My favorite room in my house.
  • My best vacation.
  • My first trip to…
  • The place I dream of visiting.
  • My favorite café.
  • My favorite place in the park.
  • My favorite shop.
  • My visit to the museum.
  • The view from my window.

Descriptive essay topics about your experience

  • My perfect date.
  • My first date.
  • My favorite hobby and how I discovered it.
  • The day when I first visited a foreign country.
  • My first horse riding experience.
  • I want to become a…
  • My best childhood memory.
  • My time with my grandparents.
  • My first time in the village.
  • My first day in school. 

Descriptive essay topics about your personality

  • The traits I like in people. 
  • The trait I would love to change in my character.
  • The traits I hate in people.
  • My fears.
  • My addiction.
  • Things making me want to give up.
  • The things I am influenced by.
  • Things making me feel sad.
  • The emotions I do not like to feel.
  • The most annoying things for me. 

 Descriptive essay topics about people

  • The most creative person I ever knew.
  • My dad is my hero.
  • My favorite writer.
  • My favorite actor. 
  • Why I love my sister.
  • People I miss.
  • A stranger that caught my eye. 
  • My perfect companion.
  • An athlete who made me love sports. 
  • Celebrity, I would love to meet.

Descriptive essay topics about your life and habits

  • The thing I love to play with.
  • My favorite TV program.
  • The most expensive thing I would love to have.
  • My favorite anti-stress.
  • Things I always have in my pocket.
  • My favorite childhood toy.
  • Things that help me relax.
  • My first book.
  • My favorite dish I love to cook.
  • The content of my bag. 

Descriptive essay topics about science

  • Atom particles.
  • The importance of salt in the sea.
  • The discovery of electricity.
  • The principle of work of GPS.
  • Trips to the moon.
  • World’s greatest astronaut. 
  • The nearest star to Earth.
  • The rings of Saturn.
  • The impact of acid rains.
  • The greatest scientist, in my opinion. 

As you can see, the range of topics for your descriptive essay can be really wide. This essay is good for students while it gives lots of opportunities, and you are not limited to anything. Only your creativity and your imagination play a role here.

However, when writing a descriptive essay, you should also not forget to keep the right structure in mind. Using the tips above will help you create a pretty good essay of your own. But if you feel like you do not have enough skills, you can always ask for expert help.

Our best writers and editors with years of experience will create a brilliant descriptive essay for you and deliver it on time. If you do not know what topic to choose, leave this task to us, or provide us with a topic of your choice. 

Professional writing help will save your time and reduce the stress from tons of writing assignments. Do not procrastinate with your essay writing while it is a time-consuming process and cannot be complete within an hour if you want to get high grades for it. 

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