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Technologies have firmly entered our lives, and it’s impossible to imagine a day without using at least one of the devices. We go online and find love, entrust cleaning to robots, and discover new things without leaving our homes. Thousands of students want to enter the field and choose such prominent institutions like the California Institute of Technology, Polytechnic State University, and others.

The educational process there is extremely interesting but often difficult. Students are assigned multiple tasks, and essays are one of them. And most scholars find the first stage, choosing a technology topic, an impossible mission.

Our experts are happy to share tips on how to choose technology topics and their list of the best topics as well. Are you ready to get A?

How to choose a technology topic

  1. The majority of students feel lost and scared when they look at a blank piece of paper or Word document, not knowing where to start. Many search for topics and start writing immediately ignoring the main rules and requirements. This approach may significantly harm the result, so we decided to make a list of steps and strategies that will be of great help:
  2. Understand the task. Sounds too obvious? However, too many students neglect this stage and feel awkward asking their tutors for clarification. Read the guidelines and requirements several times to understand what you are asked to do. If there are any questions left, contact your tutor;
  3. Find a topic that you like. There are thousands of options online, so you just need to Google them (or read the list below) and find the topics you are excited about the most. If the topic is interesting, the chances that you will be involved in the writing are significantly higher. The chosen subject should make you feel curious and motivated;
  4. Read about the issue. Researching sources and finding supporting evidence is a time-consuming process, so you should start it right after the topic is selected. Learn what specialists and experts can say on the topic and compare their ideas with your own thoughts;
  5. Choose the main question. Depending on the required number of words, it’s necessary to narrow down the topic. Choose a specific question or area that you are willing to explore. For example, you want to write about technologies that we are using every day. The topic is too general, so you need to pick a particular technology. For example, smartphones in our routine, smart houses in daily use, etc.;
  6. Make a list of key sources. Now, when you have a specific topic, you should make a list of the articles and books that will be used in the paper. Make sure that these sources are credible and modern. If the number of sources is not enough, insert keywords or phrases in the search bar and check whether there is more information on the issue.

Five arguable claims types

It’s not a secret that controversial topics usually have the best response. Most likely, your tutor will ask to write an argumentative essay. Below we will tell about five main types of claims that you can choose from:

  • Cause and Effect. We tend to disagree with others about what causes a particular issue. You can choose one of the technology topics below and use a supportive claim about connections between two different aspects. For example, teenage violence roots back to video games;
  • Value. We constantly argue that one issue is more important than the other. Thus, you can choose a subject that some like and some – hate, and then just pick a side;
  • Fact. Your task is to find the fact that the audience won’t be able to agree with and defend your point of view;
  • Policy. Explore the most controversial policies and back your point of view with credible information;
  • Definition. Choose a technology topic that provides information on the definition of a particular device or concept. Argue for the position providing facts and reputable opinions.

 Technology topics

We understand that choosing a subject for your future essay may be a real challenge. That is why we have made a list of technology topics that you may want to explore:

  1. Inventions which may change genetic experiments;
  2. Usage of technologies in genetics;
  3. Human Genome Project;
  4. Why technologies are depicted as a threat;
  5. Impact of technologies on relationships;
  6. Information Technologies in media;
  7. Does media depict technologies in an accurate way?
  8. Pros and cons of fictional technologies;
  9. Wars between technologies;
  10. Can technologies break or make the country?
  11. Technologies that are used in wars;
  12. Development in the USA;
  13. Technical growth of Russia;
  14. Japanese Tech superiority;
  15. Technologies we should all be afraid of;
  16. Is it possible to reach tech peace?
  17. Technologies are the first-line warriors;
  18. Computers can become a deadly tool;
  19. Technologies that must be banned;
  20. Latest Information and Communication Technologies;
  21. People in the ICT;
  22. Automation in ICT;
  23. Database management systems;
  24. Diversity of smartphones: which one to choose;
  25. History of the Information and Communication Technologies;
  26. Future of ICT;
  27. Is instant information transfer possible?
  28. Telecommunication market as a way to influence people;
  29. Robotics and Computer Science: what’s the connection;
  30. Types of robotics engineering;
  31. Dangers of robotics;
  32. Engineering of androids;
  33. Revolution of robots: is it dangerous?
  34. Usage of high technologies in space;
  35. Space exploration;
  36. When the space research began;
  37. Possibilities of space exploration;
  38. Projection of satellites;
  39. Simulation of space launches;
  40. History of artificial intelligence;
  41. How AI may be harmful;
  42. The future of AI;
  43. When will the AI replace human force?
  44. What jobs will disappear with the implementation of AI?
  45. Pros and cons of artificial intelligence;
  46. Spheres of AI;
  47. Past, present, and future of machine learning;
  48. Usage of Artificial Intelligence in navigation;
  49. Game theory and AI;
  50. How AI can change the entertainment industry;
  51. Is there a connection between creativity and AI?
  52. Pros and cons of technology usage at schools;
  53. Technologies in colleges;
  54. The best technical tools for students;
  55. Impact of technical revolution;
  56. Can teachers be replaced with technical devices?

Get timely assistance with your technology assignment

There are numerous technology topics, and it is a real challenge to choose one of them. However, this step is only the first and the easiest one on your way to a great paper. If you want to obtain high grades, your assignment should be properly structured and formatted, and be written in a clear and understandable manner.

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