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If you ask what Reddit is, there won’t be an easy answer. Technically, Reddit is a forum, a huge one, with countless subforums. It is also a vast community of communities. Besides, it is a massive news portal and an entertaining website. Reddit is many-sided. It is a place on the Web where you can find any information, discuss any issue, and have fun in communication.

Millions of Reddit users make it one of the most valuable information sources. There are people of all specializations and qualifications who can share personal experiences. One source can be wrong, biased, or fake. Many hundreds of sources provide enough stats data for conclusions. It is especially true when it deals with academic writing services.

Students often rely on Reddit when it comes to writing companies. Many established writing teams also run their own threads on Reddit. There are also writing subreddits that are communities of writers, editors, and consultants. On Reddit, you can review the best active writing services, or find a performer who will help you with your essay.

One obstacle is that every registered user can “vote” to move the post/comment up or down, thus changing its “value.” It can be an effective promotional strategy if you own a couple of hundreds of accounts. Some companies deceive users with the help of such techniques. They can promote services of lower quality and smear decent companies. Still, the power of the community helps to reveal the truth.

You will always find lots of real customers who will share honest feedback. When you collect and analyze these data, you get the actual value of each service, but it requires more time. There are of subreddits and thousands of posts with comments.

Or, you can read this review. Here our findings are at your service.

Best Essay Writing Services – top-5 by Reddit

Business model: writing agency | Rates start from $13/page | Shortest deadline: 3 hours | Initial discount: On-demand

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Eduguide writing service preview

Eduguide is one of the users’ favs. It is a relatively young player in the field of academic writing for hire. Not so long ago, it was one of many ambitious newcomers. Now, it is one of the leaders – it found the right combination of high quality and affordable prices.

The prices are not the cheapest on the market, but they are justified. Besides, the company has its system of discounts. There are regular promo campaigns with discount codes. Also, you can ask for a personal discount – contact the customer support for that. These flexible discounts compensate for the standard prices.

The more critical factor is the quality of work. Here, Eduguide is riding high. Its writers are both ENL and ESL, but the difference is inessential. This company sets exceptional standards for the qualifications of its writers. All their performers are excellent in English. More important is that they all have high-level expertise in their subjects. The team is vast enough to let each customer meet the dedicated specialist on a particular topic.

The advantages of are many. You may name fast delivery, direct communication with the performer, and 24/7 customer support among them. Writers also collaborate with editors. It makes sure that each paper is flawless in contents, structure, and grammar.

Business model: writing agency | Rates start from $10/page | Shortest deadline: 3 hours | Initial discount: 10%

Visit Website writing service preview is another young writing company that has already become a brand. The team focuses on quality performance. Among 1500 professional performers, you’ll find all Masters and Ph.D. holders. The company mostly hires ENL writers. ESL professionals can join the team, provided they speak perfect English. Every potential employee passes a series of English tests on the subject field. Writers’ competences let them cope with any student’s paper on the highest level.

Collegeassisting offers all types of college papers for all academic levels. The company has even creative writing on the list. The deadlines are standard for writing companies. The longest period is 14 days, and the minimal one is equal to 3 hours. Judging from the customers’ feedback, the quality of work is always surpassing.

A welcome discount of 10% is a pleasant welcome gift for new users. The company also has a loyalty program encouraging to become regular clients. Moreover, there are regular promo campaigns. The system of discounts makes the service really beneficial. True that the average rates are higher than some competitors offer. Yet, personal discounts eliminate this disadvantage.

Business model: writing agency | Rates start from $10/page | Shortest deadline: 3 hours | Initial discount: On-demand

Visit Website writing service preview is a well-established company with an impressive experience. They write papers from scratch and provide editing and formatting services. It provides all types of academic papers for high school, college, university, Master, and Ph.D.

The team of writers includes several thousands of professional writers. Writing standards ensure that each employee produces precise and excellently structured academic papers. During the writer’s selection process, each candidate has to prove the vocabulary and academic style. There are both ENL and ESL writers, but the requirements are the same for everyone.

Except for the obvious quality requirements, the company concerns much about safety. It ensures the absolute anonymity of both the writers and customers. Also, it implements the most advanced technical means of data protection.

The rates per page of the Writemypapers4me depend on the academic level. In this aspect, the pricing is slightly higher than some other companies offer. However, outstanding quality of work compensates for the expenses. Moreover, such mandatory elements as the list of references and the title page are free of charge.

Business model: writing tools & library | Subscription-based, $7/week and from $9.95 to $29.95/month

Visit Website writing service preview is a company with an original approach. It is not a writing service – you don’t hire professional writers there. Instead, it defines itself as a helper and inspiration. 123helpme hires writers to compose essays and other types of academic papers. These pieces are original, of excellent quality, and the database is vast.

It offers essays on each subject and topic. Users can refer to such ready pieces for information and inspiration. Or, it can be an example of the correct structure and format.

Besides the essay database, offers a collection of writing tips. The team collects all these recommendations from the most experienced and productive authors. There are tools for checking grammar and readability, plagiarism checkers, and citations generators.

In general, the 123helpme service is the area for students who do essays themselves. There are all helpful resources in one place and a library of ready articles for references. Doing the job becomes much simpler.

Access to the essay database and writing tools is paid. Users can subscribe to a specific period. The $7 plan is a kind of trial. It guarantees full access to all resources during a week. After that, if not canceled, the user will switch to the monthly $29.95 plan. The more extended subscription you choose, the cheaper it becomes per month.

The quality of results depends on you. Thus, the might not be a writing service in is classic meaning, but it is a practical option. Instead of relying on someone, students improve their own writing skills and knowledge. Thanks to the essay samples, they get familiar with the original ideas of other writers. Plus, they learn essential tips on structuring, formatting, and so on.

Business model: bidding system | Rates start from $13/page | Shortest deadline: 3 hours | Initial discount: On-demand

Visit Website writing service preview

PapersOwl is a non-standard company. Instead of a traditional approach, the team uses a “meeting point” business model. The user can post the order with the task description. That order becomes available to the registered members of the PapersOwl writing community. After that, they respond with their “bids” to perform the task. The customer and writer can discuss the details, the price, and the conditions. The money comes to the performer if the customer accepts the work.

This model is much more flexible and beneficial for the customer. It implies more user’s control and lets the customer decide whom to entrust the work. In fact, it makes the user’s needs a priority: the client chooses the most attractive offer. Still, many students have mixed feelings about this system. Some of them find it wearing to check each bid and interview every candidate. They’d rather have precise conditions and rates to evaluate the service.

As for quality, customers mostly provide positive feedback. Each work is individual. Preliminary negotiations let both the writer and customer clarify all essential points. Thus, they can avoid possible misunderstandings from the beginning.

Writers of PapersOwl hold high work ethics principles. They follow the customers’ instructions, comments, and remarks. The PapersOwl company, from its side, does not only provide the area for the customer to meet the writer. The customer support answers all questions and resolves all issues. No matter what that might happen during the process, you’ll get it solved. The Quality Assurance department is a guarantee of meeting the professional criteria.

Standard discounts are not a part of the bidding system, as each proposal is individual. The customer can negotiate the price with the writer. If he or she is persuasive enough, the price can become lower.

Popular essay writing help subreddits: an alternative way

The power of Reddit is famous. It is only logical for both the students are writing companies to use it. First, the writing companies run their subreddits. Such threads let them communicate with the customers, post the news updates, and so on. Other subreddits are independent communities of writers. You can find the performer, discuss the task, and order the service without leaving Reddit.

As the community is a whole Universe of its own, there are hundreds of such subreddits. We’ve analyzed them all and selected some of the most popular, reliable, and attractive ones. So, here’s the review of the Reddit internal communities.


DoMyHomework |

7900 members

It is the most respectable writing community on Reddit. Established in 2009, they specialize in all kinds of academic ghostwriting services. The team cares much about the customers’ safety. It blocks any scammers and uses advanced digital means of protection. There are specific bots accepting accept the task requests. Such is an additional tool to protect customers’ anonymity. Still, the main advantage of the community is the perfect quality of the service. You can order a piece on any subject and topic for the different academic levels. The writers’ community possesses both skills and experience.


Essay_Writing_Service |

4000 members

It is the most active open Reddit community dealing with academic writing for hire. But note that before you leave your request, it must get the approval of the moderator. The community attracts both the students and freelance writers. Both are regular and welcome users of Essay_Writing_Service. It should be noted that this subreddit is a platform run by the PaperTakers company. That company is famous in the field for its high quality. Reddit is one of its channels to promote and deliver services. The customers look delighted by the quality and convenience.


EssayForAll |

390 Members

Though the community is not so large as some others, it is very active. Here, you can find any kind of help with essay/research papers. It is the right place to ask questions about the writing services and discuss their quality. For instance, you consider turning to a particular writing company. Then you can search for the information on this subreddit. Many users even claim they need real feedback from the customers of the company. That’s why they choose reddit over the Web feedback platforms. You can find detailed reviews of different writing agencies and related discussions. Professional essay writers and editors offer their services here as well.


writemyessay |

1400 Members

The motto of this subreddit is to offer a meeting point to those who can’t do their own homework and who can do their work on demand. It resembles the “bidding” writing resources in this aspect. Customers can and do post their task descriptions to get offers from the writers. At the same time, it is a place for freelance writers to advertise themselves. On this subreddit, you can find all the information about each author. The performers are very thorough – they provide details about the work and share portfolios if needed. If you need a reliable writer for your particular topic – you can choose the one right there.


Stressays |

1700 members

One of the leading essay writing communities is also famous for its organization. It has developed strict rules to manage this subreddit, and these rules also help the community members. You can post the proposal to do the job of any type and academic level. Or, you can search for the right performer and find it right in that subreddit. This area is a home for many professional academic writers. So, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to meet the most suitable performer.


Reddit_Essay |

794 members

A Reddit branch of the PapersOwl company is an active promotional channel. The company informs about their special offers and shares tips on doing academic assignments. The latter is even more essential than discounts. For instance, you can use their guidelines, recommended books, learn about the helpful educational courses, and so on. The information is open to all visitors of this subreddit.


domyhomeworkforme |

3400 members

The subreddit focuses on homework assignments. The list of services you can order there is impressive – there are all kinds of academic papers. You can order any type of essay and different research papers. There are reviews, case studies, etc. Moreover, you can cooperate with professional writers and editors in other genres. For instance, it is possible to hire a ghostwriter to write you an article or a book.


Essay_Tips_Tricks |

1800 members

This subreddit is another representative of a professional writing company – Edusson. Similar to other communities of the kind, it is an informational and communicational channel for the company. You can find many guides and manuals on doing academic papers. Additionally, you can order the writing services from the Edusson company. You won’t even need to leave the subreddit. The format is standard – you need to describe the task to the company (the subject, topic, size, and deadline) and add your instructions. The subreddit moderators react in a flash to each request.


SourceExcellence |

190 Members

This subreddit is relatively young, established in September 2019. The community of professional writers offers all kinds of academic writing services to their visitors. Everyone can post the assignment description and get a fast reply with the proposal. The community members focus on the quality of their papers – they guarantee flawless grammar and original works.

Subreddits dedicated to the writing services are not the only variants. There are other thematic subreddits concerning college life and homework. They are not the writing companies in essence, but you can get help there.

Among such subreddits worth mentioning, you might pay attention to the following ones:


Essays |

4600 Members

It is one of the most popular non-commercial communities dedicated to essay writing. However, it is not the place to hire a writer. It is forbidden and leads to a ban. r/Essays subreddit is an area where you can discuss your essay assignments. You can ask for advice, get feedback, find inspiration, or interesting references for your work. Thousands of students from many schools of all levels visit this online writing club.


BespokePapers |

303 Members

The community is a database. First, its goal is to compile the most trustworthy list of writing services. They examine different companies, collect the users’ reviews, test the services themselves. If you consider some writing company, this subreddit can be a good reference point for you. Another specificity of r/BespokePapers is compiling a library of writing guidelines. You can find practical tips for writing all kinds of academic papers. However, if you don’t feel like writing, hiring a performer is also an option.

College Buzz

college_buzz |

176 Members

Another students’ club on Reddit encourages visitors to communicate first of all. Students discuss their colleges and studies, share the joys and problems. You might say, the goal of this subreddit is to let the students have fun online together. As for the essay writing, students can discuss their tasks and ask for help. Professional writers visit this community regularly. So, if you search for someone to do your essay, use the standard form to post your request.

Reddit is excellent as a source of knowledge. If your issue is finding a reliable essay writer, you can refer to this vast Universe of communities. The choice is yours: check the professional online company or get in touch with a freelancer. Both approaches have their advantages. Well-established services ensure better technical conditions and support. By hiring a freelancer, you get more individuality and flexibility.

In any case, one thing to remember is – never go for the first option. You need to examine the service first – check the guarantees and review the working policies first of all. Clarify everything about the money-back conditions. And, of course, you need to learn about the writers working for the resource.

No matter if it is a company portal or a subreddit with the writers’ posts, ask for the users’ impressions from collaboration with the service. It is very often that students have to try several teams before finding the right performer. The previous attempts bring experience, but they usually cost you time, money, and even spoil your reputation.

That’s why we are here. Our goal is to provide you the trustworthy information.

We’ve already checked the opportunities for you. We hope that our review of the writing services on Reddit gives you the answers to your questions.

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