100 Best Opinion Essay Topics for Your Perfect Essay

If you are a student, you face various writing assignments every day. And you know that writing an essay is not that easy and the first problem you might face is the choice of a proper topic. It’s no wonder while your topic is half success. For that reason, it should be really interesting not only to you but to each of your readers.

Of course, having a good topic is not enough. Apart from that, you should show knowledge of the topic, excellent research, and analyzing skills. It is also crucial to write an essay with proper formatting in mind. But before you even start to think about the topic, you should know what an opinion essay, actually, is.

Opinion essay definition

Before you start choosing your opinion essay topic, you should have a clear idea of what an opinion essay is. You have probably heard about argumentative or persuasive essays, which are the same as an opinion essay. Thus, an opinion essay is an academic assignment aimed to explain a particular subject and persuade the reader in a certain opinion.

So, you should not only express your viewpoint but also convince the reader it is correct. As a rule, an opinion essay is assigned as a part of your homework. Below, you can find some tips on how to write a great opinion essay.

How to write an opinion essay

First of all, you should know that the structure of your opinion essay is similar to other essay types. Include facts and try to complete the following steps to write a great opinion essay:

  • Choose a good topic;
  • Define your position;
  • Find out which issue to cover;
  • Check whether there is a solution to the chosen issues;
  • Determine the goal of your opinion essay;
  • Think who is your reader – whether he or she agrees with your viewpoint or not;
  • Conduct thorough research on the topic: gather evidence using credible and up-to-date sources;
  • Try to find the experts in the field and ask them about the topic;
  • Stick to the proper structure; remember that your introduction should contain a hook, and your conclusion should also be strong enough.

Now, as you know how to write a brilliant opinion essay, you should know what exactly you are going to write about. Let’s choose a good topic for your essay. Below, you will find the list of interesting opinion essay topics. The choice is really huge, so choose what is really interesting for you. You might get inspired by one of them and come up with a great topic of your own.

The best opinion essay topics

Now you will be able to choose one of the topics for your opinion essay. For your convenience, the topics are divided into categories. Pick up your subject and get inspired by brilliant ideas from experts.

Opinion essay topics about sports

  1. Chess: Is this a game or a sport?
  2. Is it dangerous to drink energy drinks?
  3. High school athletes’ stereotypes.
  4. Can any great sportsman become a good coach?
  5. Female trainers mentoring men: pros and cons.
  6. Is bodybuilding dangerous?
  7. Who has a higher probability of getting injured – males or females?
  8. The ways of relieving stress in sports.
  9. Athletes and mandatory press conferences.
  10. Is it good to become a professional athlete? 

Opinion essay topics about politics

  1. The equality of law for everyone.
  2. The connection between gun control and political control.
  3. Socialism: the benefits and drawbacks.
  4. The role of a President.
  5. Is there freedom of speech in mass media?
  6. Should religious groups be controlled by the government?
  7. Should politics rely on technology?
  8. The efficiency of the USA foreign policy.
  9. How to get rid of corruption?
  10. The question of ethics in private prisons. 

Opinion essay topics about social media

  1. The influence of social media on teens.
  2. Should advertisements be banned in social media?
  3. Social media and users’ privacy.
  4. Do social media substitute real-life communication?
  5. People started to communicate less due to social media platforms.
  6. Social media contributes to bullying.
  7. Are children protected when using social media?
  8. Social media reduces people’s self-esteem.
  9. Can you find true friends on social media?
  10. Social media as a way of promoting your business.

Opinion essay topics about environment

  1. Ecology education in schools.
  2. The influence of global warming on modern society.
  3. The pros and cons of globalization.
  4. Social strikes as a way to highlight environmental issues.
  5. Is data about ecological damage hidden by the government?
  6. Are Greenpeace activists always ethical?
  7. Is there a way to prevent tsunami?
  8. The influence of mobile networks on rainforests. 
  9. The pros and cons of electric cars.
  10. The creation of the Panama Canal. 

Opinion essay topics about children and parenthood

  1. Should children be limited in using the Internet?
  2. Homeschooling: the pros and cons.
  3. Should children play video games?
  4. The roles of mother and father when parents are divorced.
  5. Children should have more holidays.
  6. Is it early to babysit at 12?
  7. We should require children to read more. 
  8. Parents should learn how to communicate online.
  9. Children should not listen to music containing violent vocabulary.
  10. Parents should control social media accounts of their children.

Opinion essay topics about education

  1. The pros and cons of e-books.
  2. Smartphones should be forbidden in schools.
  3. Private schooling vs. standard education. 
  4. The pros and cons of online education. 
  5. American education vs. education in other countries.
  6. The reliability of online sources for research.
  7. The pros and cons of non-traditional schools.
  8. Distance schooling: the benefits and drawbacks.
  9. Students should learn only the subjects they like.
  10. Education should be available to everyone. 

Opinion essay topics about nursing and healthcare

  1. The healthcare system should be free and available to everyone.
  2. Should physicians cooperate with pharmacists more closely?
  3. The pros and cons of vaccination.
  4. Autism: its reasons and ways to deal with it.
  5. The pros and cons of global medication control.
  6. Traditional medicine vs. herbal practitioners.
  7. Is there a way to prevent medical errors?
  8. The availability of potentially dangerous medical information.
  9. Should medical marijuana be legal?
  10. The right of children to decide in critical situations: the pros and cons.

Opinion essay topics about culture

  1. Is the behavior of modern pop stars ethical?
  2. Acoustic instruments vs. computers.
  3. Korean pop music.
  4. The relation between modern culture and past culture.
  5. The effect of the Internet on the record companies.
  6. Traditional fashion and globalization.
  7. The phenomenon of YouTube stars. 
  8. Is rock music biased?
  9. Is there a way to control piracy?
  10. The modern anti-war culture. 

Funny opinion essay topics 

  1. The pros and cons of being a gaming expert.
  2. Is the client really always right?
  3. Why some people hate their last names?
  4. Do pets think something about their masters?
  5. What a driving instructor will never tell you.
  6. Will the legalization of cannabis make everyone happy?
  7. Does drinking wine daily prolong life?
  8. What if only clothes make the man?
  9. Do aliens exist?
  10. What would happen if animals would rule the world?

Controversial opinion essay topics 

  1. Should same-sex marriages be legalized all over the world?
  2. Over-regulation of society.
  3. Countries are having the highest level of corruption.
  4. Can gun control regulate the crime?
  5. Third World War should be prevented by the governments.
  6. Political authorities and illegal activities.
  7. Should you have the talent to be a politician?
  8. Is law equal for everyone?
  9. The advantages and disadvantages of monarchy. 
  10. Technology: progress of the way to make people zombies? 

These topics are diverse, and you can use them as an example and inspiration for your own opinion essay. Or if you want to make one of them yours, don’t hesitate to do it. Remember that choosing a good topic is just half success. Apart from that, writing an opinion essay is a very responsible task. 

Follow our brief guidelines to write a good essay of your own. Do not forget to include facts and up-to-date evidence (no older than five years). Make sure your paper to be written logically and flawless. If you doubt about possessing the necessary skills, do not hesitate to use the expert help. 

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