The Most Attractive Argumentative Essay Topics

An essential question for students when writing an argumentative essay is the choice of topic. Choosing the right topic is 50 percent to ensure its successful implementation. The argumentative essay topic should be relevant, marked by novelty, to direct the scientific search towards life issues and modern science problems that have not yet been resolved.

The topic of an argumentative essay should be based on the real needs of human life, society, and the state. Choosing a topic is a long and complex process. This is a gradual growth into the range of specific scientific interests, the development and accumulation of knowledge, facts, materials, documents in the relevant branch of science. When choosing a topic, do not forget to determine if reputable scientists have sufficiently studied the issues. All collected literature must be carefully studied, analyzed, and, if necessary, made notes.

Topics can be theoretical, practical, and mixed. Theoretical topics developed mainly using literary sources of authoritative writers. Practical topics contain ideas built from our own experience. Mixed topics contain, respectively, two types of topics described above. In this article, we will talk about how to select and formulate the topic argumentative essay correctly. But before we start choosing, let’s learn the meaning of an argumentative essay.

What Does Argumentative Essay Mean?

An argumentative essay is a work that examines the advantages and disadvantages of a particular topic. An argumentative essay can write about anything. The main requirement is to express your “I,” your thoughts, feelings, attitude to the world. An argumentative essay is a kind of space for students to present ideas and does not limit compositional, semantics.

In this essay, the author gives his position on a particular problem, confirms it with clear arguments, and illustrates their examples. At the same time, he is not trying to convince anyone but rather expresses an opinion. Requirements for an argumentative essay:

  • The volume is 1-2 pages of text (100-200 words);
  • The essay should be perceived as a holistic work, the idea of ​ ​ which is clear and straightforward;
  • Each paragraph of the essay reveals one thought;
  • It is necessary to write briefly and clearly. The essay should not contain anything superfluous, and it should only carry the information required to reveal the essay’s idea, the author’s position;
  • The essay should distinguish by a precise compositional construction, be logical in structure. In the essay, as in any work, internal logic must trace. On the one hand, the author discusses the issue and expresses his point of view, and on the other hand, the issue controls the author’s behavior. You need to stick to the exact positions and not switch to another topic without completing the previous one;
  • The essay should show that the author knows and meaningfully applies theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, ideas;
  • The essay should contain convincing arguments of the problem involved.

How to Choose the Right Argumentative Essay Topic?

Choosing a theme for an argumentative essay is not a simple matter. At the same time, you often have to make some decisions within a few days. To complete this task, perform several steps:

  • At the first stage, you should collect several examples of an argumentative essay in the library, study them, and familiarize yourself with the content. Also, it would help if you studied the literature of authoritative writers. This is done so that your argumentative essay theme is not repeated. Also, remember to view publications in magazines and newspapers over the past few years;
  • The next step is to formulate several titles for your future essay. Then you should find out which of the scientists is engaged in such a topic, what scientific works exist on the chosen topic. It is possible that one of the scientists wrote an excellent text, and based on it, you will be able to create your own;
  • Your argumentative essay’s topic should be written in literate English, reflect the essence of the problem, and conceptually correspond to the science branch on which you compose the essay.

List of Argumentative Essay Topics

We understand that sometimes you don’t have enough time and energy to choose the right topic. Our experts have prepared a list of topics for your essay. All topics are divided in different directions, so each student can choose a topic that suits your interests.

Family Topics

Family is about a house, dad and mom, close people. These are everyday worries, joys, and deeds. It’s love and happiness. The family is the rear and the basis of life. We are all born in a family, and growing up, we create our own. If you want to write an essay about the family, then use the list of our ideas:

  1. What is the role of holiday traditions in the family?
  2. Do you agree with the opinion that parents take great care of one child and therefore do not have another?
  3. Child growth and depends on parental behavior.
  4. The child’s personal qualities depend on how well the parents can raise him and devote enough time.
  5. Quarrels between parents lead to psychological disorders for kids.
  6. A child will learn how to communicate if parents talk to him.
  7. The well-being of the child depends on the financial capabilities of the parents.
  8. An offended child may become isolated forever and not perceive parents as a true friend.
  9. How can young parents raise a child who has not reached adulthood?
  10. Incomplete family: specific features, characteristics of problems.

Society Topics

Society is a set of human relationships that are regulated by certain norms and rules. It seems that the society of the 21st century is a complete collapse and complexity at every step. Still, it is just a modification of the usual concept, in reality, adjusting to new conditions and requirements. If you want to express your point of view on sociological topics, then take advantage of our ideas:

  1. The main ideas of E. Bern’s book “Games Played by People”.
  2. Media in modern society, and their role.
  3. The complexities of personality self-determination in an urban environment and ways to overcome them.
  4. The influence of the production processes of the modern city on the culture.
  5. Self-determination of adolescents in the world of culture.
  6. Traditions in the study of the existence of man in society: European, American.
  7. Society as a product of the interaction between people pursuing their interests.
  8. Personal life experience as a subject of sociocultural analysis.
  9. Socialization of a student: description of changes in his personality by year of study.
  10. Impact of scientific and technological progress on social relations.

Law Topics

Law is such a multifaceted science that you need to study it all your life. It can be called dynamic since laws are rewritten, so it is essential to “keep your hand on the pulse” to be aware of scientific innovations. Law is studied from different sides by students of all schools, colleges, universities, some superficially, others thoroughly, and others. We selected topics according to the law for each age:

  1. Legal benefits: for whom they act, how to use them.
  2. Patent law: features and characteristics.
  3. Roman law: use in the modern state.
  4. Freedom of speech of citizens: challenges to the realization of fundamental human rights.
  5. Fundamental socio-economic human rights and their implementation.
  6. Intellectual Property in English Law.
  7. Joint Stock Company as a Subject of Civil-Legal Relations.
  8. Marital and family relations involving foreign nationals and stateless persons.
  9. Reasons for the deprivation of parental rights and the procedure for the implementation of this provision.
  10. Responsibility of parents for offenses against their children.

Ethics Topics

In the system of philosophy, practical worldview, ethics occupies a special place. Ethics is a science that studies morality, norms of behavior, a set of moral rules of a particular social or professional group. Ethics as moral philosophy reflects theoretical moral knowledge about a person’s essence and purpose, reflecting moral consciousness in its complexity and contradiction. If you are interested in writing an essay on ethics, our ideas await you:

  1. Ethics and etiquette of business communication: communication and differences
  2. Social demand for knowledge of ethics and etiquette of business communication in the ХХ1 century.
  3. National styles and features of business communication in the USA, Germany, France.
  4. Respect for the individual – the original “point” and the basis of business ethics.
  5. Courtesy, tact, sensitivity as conditions for success in business communication.
  6. Communication in life: formal and informal.
  7. Nonverbal contact: essence, functions, variety of manifestations.
  8. The place of ethics in the structure of philosophical knowledge.
  9. Moral action and its structure.
  10. The main directions of the ethical thought of the XX century.

History Topics

History is a science that studies the past of humanity, relying on written and material evidence of past events. There is still a discussion about where to attribute history to the sphere of science or art in the United States. After all, a professional historian is not a scientist in the classical sense, and he creates the past by interpreting historical sources. And the interpretation can be radically different. 

For example, World War II events for Europeans are a tragedy that is never obliged to repeat itself, and for Russians, it is the history of victory and part of the national growth. The historical facts are the same, but the difference in interpretation is striking. If you want to contribute to this direction, we suggest taking advantage of our topics:

  1. The most powerful and greatest discoveries were made in the 20th century.
  2. What role does the League of Nations play in the outbreak of war?
  3. Why was the scientific and technical revolution able to change the views of people in the 20th century?
  4. What did the life of Americans look like in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries?
  5. Was Germany able to achieve peaceful communication between the countries it fought in the Second World War?
  6. European integration: achievements and challenges.
  7. Role of Central and Eastern European countries in contemporary international relations.
  8. The victory of the people of India in the struggle for independence.
  9. Independence by the peoples of Africa.
  10. Main trends and trends in the development of literature, fine arts, architecture, music, theater, cinema, and sports.

Health Topics

Health is an invaluable gift of nature, and it must always be protected. But a person’s health largely depends on himself, on his lifestyle, working conditions, habits, and spirituality. If you want to talk about health in your essay, offer a list of ideas:

  1. Playing volleyball has a significant effect on the student’s vestibular compartment.
  2. Taking care of the health of the population is an essential task for the country.
  3. A healthy lifestyle depends on good hygiene.
  4. Work affects health.
  5. With a large amount of chemical production, people’s health suffers.
  6. Good sleep is an essential aspect of maintaining health.
  7. Over time, science has managed to cure diseases that a hundred years ago seemed fatal.
  8. Exercise helps people keep fit.
  9. The psychological state affects health.
  10. What innovative techniques can you use to improve your health?

Education Topics

Education is a complex and diverse social phenomenon in the modern world, the sphere of transfer, assimilation, and processing of knowledge and social experience. Education – one of the most ancient social institutes, the societies caused by requirements to reproduce and impart knowledge, abilities, skills, trains new generations for life, trains social action subjects to solve the economic, social, and cultural problems facing humanity. In the life of a person, training takes a long period. If you want to talk about the aspects of training, we advise you check these ideas:

  1. What innovative technologies can improve student performance in high school?
  2. What methods can be used to increase student activity in the lesson?
  3. How to motivate the student that acquiring knowledge is necessary?
  4. Can the student manage his or her time and be productive in the classroom?
  5. Why are there increasing fights between students and teachers about grades?
  6. Can a teacher be an example for a student?
  7. Is it possible to study education with the help of IT technologies?
  8. Why do school children start expressing their opinions better when they come to school?
  9. How to develop a student’s cognitive interest in learning?
  10. What methods can be used to teach a student to speak a foreign language?

Economics Topics

Economics is a combination of social production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of goods and industrial relations between people in these processes. The economy creates an elementary and, at the same time, the essential condition for each person’s existence. In the process of economic activity, the human person develops. List of topics by economy:

  1. Economic theories of the Ancient World.
  2. Importance of the social division of labor in the formation and development of the commodity economy.
  3. Changing the real economy and developing economic theory: features and interconnections.
  4. Monopoly and antitrust regulation in the market economy.
  5. Labor value theory and marginal utility theory: a comparative analysis.
  6. Modern forms of business organization: essence, advantages, disadvantages.
  7. Small business in a market economy: importance, problems, prospects.
  8. Unemployment as part of the modern labor market.
  9. Problems of income distribution and social security in a market economy innovative and investment drivers of economic growth.
  10. Non-bank financial institutions, their place, and role in a market economy.

Sports Topics

Sport is good for health; doing sports keeps the whole human body in tone. Young people spend a lot of time at home behind computers, computer games. And at that time, spring was already on the street. It does not necessarily go to the gym, and it is enough to make a run in the morning. Evening jogging is also useful, especially after a busy day.

  1. People should value their health and play sports.
  2. Can active sports affect student performance in college?
  3. How to control sports so as not to harm your health?
  4. Can all sports be suitable for every person?
  5. What sports should every student do and which should be removed from the curriculum?
  6. Do students need to support people who cannot play sports? How to do it?
  7. Why doesn’t science support sports?
  8. Is the Olympic Games history or a real opportunity to become famous in the sports world?
  9. Parents should instill in their children that sport is life.
  10. How to restore the respiratory system while playing sports?


Argumentative essays are usually a challenging task for many students. Sometimes it may be difficult not only to choose the topic, but to write the whole paper as well. If you feel you lack time or knowledge to cope with such an assignment, you may ask our team for help. We have completed hundreds of argumentative essay orders. Thus, we know how to assist you!

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