Types of Sentences: Learn A Perfect Grammar

Every student who deals with a writing assignment tends to submit an excellent paper. In fact, writing an original and flawless piece is obligatory. Only excellent papers allow improving academic ratings greatly. Moreover, once dealing with academic writing, students prefer using the most advanced writing techniques and tips. With a good knowledge of perfect grammar, it is easy to come up with perfect writings. In order to assure proper grammar, you should be well-aware of using the top types of sentences.

In fact, there are four main kinds of sentences that are used in all possible kinds of academic papers. These sentences are the basis of modern written pieces. You can find it complicated to learn all the types, but with numerous examples, it gets really easy to deal with sentence top types. There are four already mentioned types. These types of sentences include declarative, exclamatory, imperative, and interrogative sentences. Once checking every of the mentioned types, be ready to check their examples as well.

Four The Most Common Types of Sentences

Students who deal with academic writing, know the most common types of sentences. It helps in completing excellent pieces of writing. Moreover, it allows submitting only flawless papers. The four main forms of sentences are used differently and have different characteristics. Therefore, it is good to be well-aware of the sentence types’ characteristics, main cases where to use them and where not, and other basic information in advance.

Moreover, when you know how to use different sentences properly, you can improve your writings greatly and express yourself way better. There are different purposes for the mentioned sentences. Every type allows reaching a certain goal. It can be an appeal to emotions, demands, questions, etc. Be ready to learn all the types described to improve own writing techniques and academic skills. Check the following types of sentences carefully.

Declarative Sentences

A declarative sentence is probably the most common type of sentence. In fact, this one is also called a statement sentence since it allows making a statement and sharing basic information. This is one of the most often used types of sentences that can be found in any kind of essay, research paper, report, or other academic writing assignments. Moreover, this sentence type reveals common information with no emphases provided. Since this is a typical sentence, it always ends with a period.

Examples of declarative sentences:

  • She selected a velvet dress with a satin ribbon.
  • My brother likes to drink coffee in the morning.
  • The writer needs more information to complete an essay.

Exclamatory Sentences

This sentence type is used to express a strong emotional state and feelings. The exclamatory sentence allows expressing sadness, happiness, disbelief, and other strong emotions and feelings. The types of sentences are ended with exclamation points mostly. Many persuasive essays are written with the use of the mentioned sentences, which allow expressing feelings and persuading people with personal strong and appealing statements.

Examples of exclamatory sentences:

  • I have won the entire contest!
  • This was the best book I read in my entire life!
  • I can’t believe I was so stupid a few months ago!

Imperative Sentences

This sentence type is often used when you demand something or provide instructions. These sentences include commands, guides, and other demanding speeches. Imperative sentences can have both negative and positive messaging styles depending on the motivation of a writer. There are no certain rules about the punctuation marks used at the end of the sentence. Thus, you can end it with either exclamation mark or period.

Examples of imperative sentences:

  • Go to your room and stay there until I say you to come out!
  • Never talk to me in such a rude tone ever again.
  • Please leave your phone in the lobby.

Interrogative Sentences

These forms of sentences are used when you have something to ask. Therefore, you use question marks toward the end. Start your sentence with a questioning word like “what”, “why”, “where” to write a proper interrogative sentence. This kind of sentence allows interacting with your readers and highlighting certain points and the author’s ideas.

Examples of imperative sentences:

  • What word to use in this sentence?
  • How many pages did you read?
  • Where did he go yesterday?

Using the Top Types of Sentences

Mostly, declarative sentences fill the biggest part of academic papers. It is quite logical since they allow revealing basic information and descriptions. They bring enough basic data, explanations, and portrayals needed to start a paper, outline its main arguments, and provide detailed supporting evidence. The reader gets the main point of the story revealed with declarative sentences. Many creative pieces of writing also include a bunch of declarative sentences.

These types of sentences declare important information. Their use is based on vital information disclosure. You also write down the facts and important details in your research paper using the same types of sentences. This allows for providing vital and detailed information. Still, it does not help to reveal your personal opinions and attitude.

In such a case, you use exclamatory sentences that allow sharing personal feelings and emotions. Moreover, authors of creative pieces prefer these sentences when they need to focus on a certain emotion or feeling. Besides, this writing trick also helps to impress the readers and lets them share the same emotion with a writer. When you need to arise the imagination of your audience, you should choose exclamatory sentences.

When you need to command or guide someone, be ready to use imperative sentences. These are the common phrases with demands, guides, instructions, and appeals. This writing technique allows making your piece more conversational. It can make your speech even more polite when you use such commands with “please” words at the beginning of an imperative sentence. Thus, you choose on your own how to sound when picking up types of sentences. Additionally, if you want to ask something, the interrogative sentences are the top choice.

Four Types of Sentences: Writing Tips

Every student who needs to submit a flawless paper must be well-aware of the proper writing techniques and grammar rules. In fact, writing an original piece is easy when you have enough knowledge and writing skills. Only excellent papers allow improving academic ratings. Furthermore, excellent academic writing allows gaining additional benefits. Since students prefer using the most advanced writing techniques and tips, learning the most common types of sentences is obligatory.

With a good knowledge of grammar rules, it is easy to come up with perfect papers. Thus, in order to assure proper grammar, you should learn the top types of sentences, their characteristics, and main tips to use them properly. Discover and learn the four main types of sentences. In fact, these sentences are basic. You can find them in any kind of academic paper, including articles, essays, research papers, dissertations, etc.

These top forms of sentences include declarative, exclamatory, imperative, and interrogative sentences. Check every of the mentioned types to be ready to perform excellent papers with proper focuses, motivation, and appeals. The knowledge of the top types of sentences and the main cases where to use them will allow your writing original and flawless content. Be ready to learn first and get excellent grades eventually.

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