Expository Essay Topics for All Students

Whenever your instructor gives you another essay assignment, the first question is frequently the one: what on Earth is that essay type? It is not a trifle question, as there are many types of essays. No matter which analytical or presentation skill your professor wants to check, there will be a suitable essay.

An expository essay is an essay type requiring you to explain and describe something. It could be events or processes. The range is extensive, from the new dish recipe to global reasoning about the effects of capital punishment abolishing. The essence is, you need to depict how things work and what drives them. 

This essay kind differs from other essays – it is extremely demanding to the validity of the evidence. Of course, any essay requires that you provide trustworthy evidence from reliable sources. Still, you can often refer to the personal experience and logical reasoning. An expository essay is strict – it demands facts from the most trustworthy resources.

The task is responsible, but you can cope with it if you know what to do and how to do it. Similar to any essay assignment, you start from the topic choice. It gives you the most powerful trump card. 

Choosing the suitable essay topic and ensuring the advantage

As we’ve stated already, you have to be very attentive about the evidence. However, it does not mean that all expository essay topics are gravely serious. There are lots of options letting you be original, creative, and humorous. Still, the requirement to provide trustworthy information remains. In this aspect, you can compare the expository essay to a lesson. A tutor can’t afford to give the students misleading information. Neither would you in your essay.

The topic determines your attitude. The instructors often allow the students to choose the subject themselves. You decide what you will expose, and you can always find the winning variant. Still, if you feel like taking some topic to start to work on it immediately, it’s better not to obey the urge at once. You might think the item is okay, but it won’t be winning for you. Thus, if you have a choice from several expository essay topics, consider the essential requirements first:

  • Define if the topic is relevant enough. You might describe some philosophic items or expose in-depth social processes. Or, you might present an essay giving the information and amusing the audience. In any case, it should be a topic significant in the present days. 
  • Consider how the topic matches your personality. The thing is, the information and the way you present it impact your audience – they relate the essence of your work to you as a person. The readers can and will make conclusions about your beliefs and opinions. It is especially crucial if you deal with serious issues. 
  • Examine the target audience. Even if you plan to describe some new items to the readers, you should evaluate if they are appropriately prepared. Think if they have the necessary backgrounds to understand what you will explain to them.
  • Make sure that the topic is specific. General concepts are safe, but they might not engage the audience as effectively as the “sharp” work with precise targeting. 

Having all these aspects in mind, consider all the ideas and sort them. The main rule is simple: if you are keen on the topic, it helps you to ignite the audience. 

Some expository essay topic variations

We’ve prepared a set of ideas that you might find useful. Choose the topic that matches your preferences. It is not necessary to take anyone as is – you can rework it, or even use it as a direction to develop your own perfect topic. Still, we hope that our suggestions will help your inspiration. 


  1. Describe the three ways to spend your free time.
  2. Who is your role model, and which features inspire you? 
  3. How to learn foreign languages effectively? 
  4. Explain the pros and cons of teamwork.
  5. What is the secret key to success?
  6. What are the reasons for being materialistic for teenagers?
  7. Describe the three part-time jobs you find suitable while in high school.
  8. What are the reasons to volunteer abroad? 
  9. Explain the features of living in an apartment vs. living in a house.
  10. Which superpower would you like to have and why? 


  1. How to learn the value of non-material things?
  2. How would the death penalty elimination impact society?
  3. Why should you vote under the current election system?
  4. Describe the practical cases of the “tolerance” work. 
  5. Explain the meaning of the “glass ceiling” concept and why it is still present.
  6. Describe the three most frequent reasons for a divorce.
  7. Describe the most influential factors of social development?
  8. Explain how we should change the gun control regulations.
  9. Is independence crucial?
  10. How would you understand the meaning of ‘honor’?


  1. Explain how to play baseball.
  2. Is it possible to leave a healthy lifestyle with a limited budget? 
  3. Describe the most efficient time management techniques.
  4. What is the best money investment strategy? 
  5. How to get scholarships? 
  6. Describe the three ways of cooking a healthy dinner.
  7. How to learn fast reading? 
  8. Share efficient memorizing techniques.
  9. Explain how to skate. 
  10. Describe how to write an essay introduction. 


  1. Reveal the real grounds of the Crusades.
  2. Describe the impact of religions on social development.
  3. Whom do you consider the most influential superhero?
  4. Which three objects would you mark as the Western culture’s primary symbols?
  5. How do you understand the cultural identity concept? 
  6. Describe the characteristic features of French culture.
  7. Describe the wedding traditions in China. 
  8. What are the Samurai’s honor principles in modern Japanese culture?  
  9. Describe the evolution of British rock music.
  10. Explain the contrasting features of Western and Eastern cultures.


  1. Explain how Internet technologies influence people’s behavior.
  2. Which non-material things are more essential in our lives than material?
  3. Describe the most effective ways to fight shopping addiction.
  4. Explain how different music genres impact your mood.
  5. Explain how joining a gang affects a teenager’s life.
  6. How can you keep your creativity working in the team?
  7. Describe the major stress factors in children’s lives.
  8. Explain why teens start to smoke.
  9. Explain why laughter comes as a reaction to embarrassment.
  10. Describe the main factors causing low self-esteem. 


  1. Tell me about your favorite book.
  2. Describe the characteristic features of Ernest Hemingway’s style. 
  3. Explain who you think to be the most prominent writer of the 21st century. 
  4. Explain the characteristic features of classic utopias.
  5. Depict the essential problems explored in classic American literature.
  6. Describe the characteristic features of the Sherlock Holmes stories. 
  7. Explain the character of a noble bastard in fantasy novels. 
  8. Define the means of comedy in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.”
  9. Explain how the science fiction genre evolved in the XX and XXI centuries. 
  10. Why comic books are literature? 


  1. Explain the positive and negative effects of computer games.
  2. How does the Internet affect personal communication?
  3. Describe the symptoms of Instagram addiction.
  4. How to reduce the negative impact of digital media.
  5. What are nanobots?
  6. Which programs of searching for extraterrestrial life do you know? Describe them briefly. 
  7. What are the aesthetic trends in robot visual design?
  8. What is bioengineering?
  9. Describe the principles of WIFI work.
  10. Depict the role of the iPhone in mobile technology rise.


  1. Describe the effects of moving from place to place on academic results.
  2. How to fight the disappointment of bad grades?
  3. Describe the consequences of inappropriate education.
  4. Which are the most memorable events in your school’s history?
  5. Explain the pluses and minuses of home education.
  6. Share your opinion on how to combine school studies and a part-time job.
  7. Which would be the effects of abolishing the current grading system? 
  8. Why teens should not leave school at 16.
  9. Explain the consequences of the obligatory school uniform presence.
  10. How is it possible to combine college studies with leisure?

Personal qualities

  1. What are your three most significant features, and how they help you?
  2. Explain your understanding of “friendship.”
  3. Describe how you understand “love.”
  4. Explain how to learn leadership skills.
  5. Share your ideas about the best career choice.
  6. What is the essence of “being educated”?
  7. Explain your vision of how to become a great roommate.
  8. Tell about the most attractive features of cooking.
  9. How did you feel about the first sport’s success?
  10. Which qualities help you to overcome difficulties? 

As always, we do our best to support you on your academic path. Here, we’ve collected the topic ideas for you, but our help can be more impressive. If you have any difficulties with your expository essay, for any reason, we can do the job for you. Simply assign that task to our team, and the best-trained performers on the Web will compose an excellent essay for your demands.

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