What is a Process Essay?

A process essay is a bit like a recipe, in that it is structured in a step by step technique. It usually starts an Introduction, has Body Paragraphs, and a Conclusion. It is an elucidating literary composition, that is put together in the structure of a timeline essay.

It enables the reader to follow through the reading as the information on the topic of the essay is unveiled step by step. It is also called a ‘How-To’ essay because of the way it is written and the function it serves.

There are two types of process essays; the how-to that explains how stuff works and the how-to of doing something.

Let’s look further into how a process essay is arranged. The system of such essays and the integral parts that make up what we know as the process essay.

Structure of a Process Essay

There are certain styles that define an essay as a process essay. The process essay is written using this style to convey information to the reader. These Structures includes the next.

The Introduction

The introduction in a process essay is where the objective of writing the essay is initiated. Basically, the reader is being acquainted with the reader with the topic of the essay.

Since its more or less an introduction, care should be taken to ensure that it doesn’t span for a long time. Its length should be shorter than the length of the main body of the essay.

It typically contains a definition, some background information, and historical facts on the topic being written. It can comprise all of the above, or just one.

It should be engaging and entertaining enough to capture the reader at 1st glance.

Body Paragraphs

The Body Paragraphs are the main body of the essay. It’s where the main bulk of the information is found. It contains in detail all the information about the topic. It is the longest part of the process essay.

The Body paragraphs serve to shed more light on the intricate parts of the essay.

For example, I write an essay about processing orange juice; the body paragraph should have information that tells you the steps to take to convert the orange fruit into juice.

An essay on how a car moves, should contain in the body paragraphs, detailed information on each part of the car. And how they work together to accomplish the goal of getting the vehicle to move from point A to point B.

Each paragraph should flow seamlessly into the other. There should be no confusion in the mind of the reader about the information being conveyed. There should be a breaking down of information on how to attain this, done in such a manner that clarity in the message of the essay.

Lengthy paragraphs should be avoided. As should complex paragraphs. Use examples to make your point.

The Conclusion

The Conclusion is the climax of the essay. It’s where everywhere that has been written is tied together. The major points are then underscored. It is not a lengthy part of the essay. It is usually short and pithy.

It emphasizes the main message of the essay. For example, in the essay about orange juice, the conclusion should state the importance of this juice. And why your household should not do without one.

It should further convince you that the process is not a tasking one, and should convey confidence in the reader’s ability to do this. A strong concluding statement that imprints on the mind of the reader is recommended.

Tips on Writing a Process Essay

There are certain tips and tricks that, if applied to the process essay, can help to positively transform your essay and help in bringing joy to the readers who consume your work. These tips, if properly applied, can change your essay for good.

These include:

  • Target audience: Think about the person who would be reading your essay. Put yourself in his shoes. What would they like to read? How old they want it written?

Is the information I’m giving relevant to my readers? These questions help to give you a clear sense of what to write. And how to organize it.

  • Plan your Essay: This is a very important tip. Planning an essay helps to control the flow of the writing.it also helps to arrange the style of the essay. So that the flow arrangement is not broken. Planning an essay involves creating an outline of how your essay structure should be.
  • Details: A good process essay should be detailed. This is because a process essay is a sort of like an illumination writing. Your reader most times are people who have little or no information on the topic you’re treating. The process essay should, therefore, serve to bridge that gap in information.
  • Transitions: Use transitional verbs to ease into paragraphs. Every paragraph must relate to the next one. This allows you to move seamlessly from where one section ends, into the beginning of another one. It also helps to deliver an overall proper thought flow through the essay.
  • Describe the end product: In a process essay, the reader must know what the end product should be, what it looks like, and how it is used. While closing up in the conclusions, make sure to provide the reader with evidence about what their final outcome would emerge when the task is finished.

The best way to do this is by providing them with detailed information that allows them to visualize the final product. In addition to this, you can offer some ideas for future action or steps to completion of one task does not necessarily need to be the end of the process.

  • Go over the essay many times:

When you are done with writing, come back to the outline and cross-check if you’ve incorporated everything in the text. Review your steps once again. You shouldn’t have numerous steps since it can leave your reader confused instead of informed. You should not have too few either, because often, it means that you have skipped something. Or that the process you’re describing is probably way too simple. Keep adding improvements until you get the preferred outcome.

  • Writing Style: Remember that the reader is reading your essay to be informed, and make sure that the content is easy to assimilate and properly clarified enough for anyone to finish the task. With this type of paper, you should definitely try to avoid using complicated language. Plain language takes the cake any day.
  • Need help, get it! It is not wrong to get help with your writing if you need it. Even the best of writers, the big names out there, still ask for someone else to proofread and revise their work. Doing all the editing and proofreading work on your own is not advisable even for homework.

No one has that kind of superpower (yet!). So, we recommend that you get a friend or a professional to go through your essay and show you what you could do better to improve it.

Some Examples of a Process Essay

Just in case you need a process essay topic, or maybe you’re still unclear on examples of a process essay. We’ve put together a few great examples of a process essay to help.

Examples of how-to that explain how stuff works:

  • How to Make Orange Juice from Scratch.
  • How Corona Virus is Spread.
  • How to make Friends Easily: breaking communication barriers in the 21st century.
  • How to Become a minimalist.
  • How to Survive the End of the World.
  • How to Know when I’m being hacked.
  • How bees are vital to the plant ecosystem.
  • How to make your own Shampoo and conditioner.
  • How to Make a Sponge Cake with no Eggs.

Examples of the how-to of doing something:

  • How to do your Spring Cleaning without stress.
  • How to break limiting and harmful habits: 10 steps to breaking that addiction.
  • How to travel the world in style: Tips to a stress-free journey.
  • How to change your tires.
  • Procedures for getting a driver’s license.
  • How to safely change lanes in a busy multi-lane highway.


While the process essay is not rocket science, it does have some challenges. But the good news is that if you adhere to all the above instructions, there’s no way you’re not getting a great essay.

But note that one of the main secrets to putting down a top-notch process essay and getting good grades is practice and more practice. It helps you to avoid those common writing mistakes. It also sharpens your writing skills.

Lastly, choose a topic you’re familiar with and start there. If you have any challenges, we are there for you and will deliver superb content to you stress-free.

What do you want to write today?

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