1000 Word Essay Writing

First of all, why 1000 words?

1000 word essays are different from other types of writing assignments. 1000 word essays stick to words but not to the number of pages. This makes such type of writing work more adaptive to different styles of formatting. Practically, the same number of words can occupy approximately:

  • two pages of text when choosing Arial, 12 point font size and single spacing;
  • four pages of text when choosing Times New Roman, 12 point font size, and double spacing.

Tips to prepare yourself properly

The overall success of your work depends on various compulsory things you should consider when writing:

Organize your time properly. Plan ahead your work and emphasize your deadline. Writing your 1000 word essay can take 5 hours approximately; however, it also can take a couple of days depending on your topic, speed of your typing, inspiration, and other important things. In any case, it is better to start your work in advance. The main stages of your work can be:

  • preparatory work (choosing your topic, if possible; collecting information, elaborating and organizing ideas, making your outline);
  • essay drafting;
  • revision of your 1000 word essay.

Focus on your content. Pay attention to every single word when writing a 1000 word essay to express your thoughts in plain language and clearly.

Creating your 1000 word essay

1. Topic 

If you have such an opportunity, try to choose a topic you are interested in, or that is relevant to your experience. Your writing process will be faster when you enjoy your topic and have a lot to share. A topic that you formulate should be:

  • easy to understand;
  • logical;
  • problem stating and/or solving;
  • intriguing, if it is appropriate.

Highlight your main idea on this topic. Avoid also any difficult, outdated words and abbreviations. Be careful with neologisms, but rather avoid them too.

Any topic you have should be elaborated properly. Do your best to understand the sense of any single word and the overall idea of your topic. In case of any doubts, clarify such instantly to save yourself from extra rewriting.

2. Elaborate your ideas

The foremost is to do sufficient research for your 1000 word essay. Choose only relevant resources with interesting materials you could use for this essay. Sort this information from the point of relevance and decide how you would like to present it in your essay. Make also notes, if necessary. Afterward, outline your thesis statement and other supporting statements (3-4) to expand your topic. Then decide how you want to describe these concrete ideas to make your 1000 word essay completed. In any case, formulate your ideas in a manner that will make your reader interested in your impressions and conclusions.

3. Drafting your 1000 word essay itself


First of all, structure your future essay in your mind. This will always help you to bring ideas to your readers easily. However, ignoring this structuring stage can make your essay less readable and clear.

In view of certain limitations for your 1000 word essay, you can rely on the following approximate parameters for structuring:

Introduction (around 150 +/- 50 words). In this part of your essay, make some short preview of your findings, and use some hook to draw your reader’s attention. Also, it should contain your thesis statement. Make it strong and distinctive from the other part of your text. Your future reader should emphasize this thesis statement easily.

Body of your 1000 word essay (around 700 +/- 100 words) should consist of separate paragraphs (around 150 +/- 50 words each) in the amount equivalent to the number of elaborated supporting ideas. Each paragraph should be a completed part of your text with a certain emphasis on your supporting idea this paragraph is devoted to. Present your arguments and evidence to illustrate or prove your point of view. This evidence may include:

  • statistics;
  • diagrams;
  • images;
  • the paragraph should add value to your 1000 word essay and develop your thesis statement.

Conclusion (around 150 +/- 50 words) is for summarizing your findings and restating your initial thesis statement.

The final number of words should be approximately 1000 anyway.


Additionally, to the size and content, your 1000 word essay should also flow. Here is some tips to assure that your 1000 word essay really flows:

  • keep clarity in your mind regarding the ideas you want to express during your writing process;
  • place yourself on your reader’s place to find out whether your text is easy to read and understand;
  • get rid of any excessive words – do your best to express the same thoughts with fewer words;
  • avoid complex word combinations and divide lengthy sentences with no hesitation;
  • any your explanation should be explicit for understanding;
  • elaborate, simple transitions between your paragraphs to make the parts of your 1000 word essay interrelated.

If you have plenty of time, write ignoring your limits at the first stage. Afterward, you may shorten your 1000 word essay and remain the best parts. Although this approach is more time-consuming, it enables us to prepare a very good draft.

The last important thing to consider is formatting. Make sure your 1000 word essay complies with all requirements to formatting: font, size, margins, spacing. Also, draw special attention to your citations or reference lists, if any.

4. Revising your 1000 word essay

After preparing your draft, put it aside for some time, at least till the next day. You will be able to see more clearly any deficiencies your text may have; points you would like to strengthen or revise. The fresh view is always of great importance. You may also give your draft to somebody else so you could receive more or less objective feedback and make necessary corrections.

Your 1000 word essay should also comply with all spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules. For your convenience, you may use various online services to identify any possible mistakes.

5. Other important things

During your writing process, you may face certain obstacles, like frustration or procrastination. The first one may occur when you have been assigned a topic you don’t like at all, for instance. To overcome this block, try to find some practical implication of your research in your real life or simply focus on benefits you may receive after completion of your 1000 word essay properly.

If your frustration is determined by the lack of relevant ideas – simply provide additional research to find sufficient information and read it carefully. Also, look for other resources simply to inspire yourself, like relevant blogs, YouTube channels.

You can also deal effectively with your procrastination. Simply get rid of any distractions (mobile devices, social networks, books, etc.) and focus on possible negative consequences of your dedication to this procrastination.

Final words

1000 word essay is a type of writing work that will help to boost your skills better than any other. You will learn how to choose only relevant information, formulate your ideas shortly, and structure your text. Take this chance and enjoy your writing.

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